A Roadmap to E-Learning in Palestine: Challenges and Opportunities (REPCO I)

Paper Submission (ICEEP 2015):

1. Please register your information using the "Make a Submission Link" below. This will generate a paper ID and password for your submission. This ID should be used in all following steps and correspondences. (You may change your information using the Edit Submission Link)

2. Researchers should then upload their papers using the "Upload File Link". Use only Microsoft’s Word document or PDF formats (.doc, ,docx, .pdf).

3. The submitted paper should be within a maximum of 6 single-spaced double column pages that also include illustrations. The first page should include the paper title, a brief abstract, a set of keywords, and text. (use IEEE paper template)

4. Be sure not to include the authors' names in your paper. The abstract should be concise and not longer than 250 words. Immediately following the abstract, no more than six keywords are to be supplied for subject indexing.

5. You may download the paper format/template from http:/iceep.ppu.edu website.

6. You can check the status of your paper by visiting the "Check Status Link".

Scientific Committee / Reviewers Registration

Please use the key code sent to you in the invitation e-mail for first time signup/registration. You may ask for a key code by sending an e-mail to piccit@ppu.edu.


Review & Program Committees:



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